ULNANOTECH presents a new class of devices at SLUSH-2021 in Finland

13 Dec 2021

ULNANOTECH presents a new class of devices at SLUSH-2021 in Finland

On December 1-2, the team of Thinika presented their devices at Slush–2021, the international forum of startups and high-tech companies in Finland. Their developments are micro devices for energy storage, designed to operate in high temperatures.

According to experts, over the next 5-10 years, the thin film microgeneration and energy storage system market will experience a boom. The number of sensors is growing rapidly, and it leads to a serious lack of rechargeable micro batteries suitable for them.

Thinika has identified this niche and need, and developed and patented a new class of devices. The devices are designed in the form of a low-capacity battery and supercapacitor with an all solid-state electrolyte, have a large number of charge cycles, and can be recharged quickly.

Eco-friendly, durable and capable of operating in wide temperature ranges (-40 to + 120 C), they do not contain liquid components. They are designed to be used as a power source in various applications with ultra-low power consumption such as memory modules, micro transmitters, sensors, medical and IoT devices.

Thinika, LLC (Ulyanovsk, Russia) is a startup, established by Ulyanovsk nanocenter ULNANOTECH to develop a new generation thin film solid-state power source production technology. The products developed by Thinika have unique characteristics unparalleled in the world, for instance, the widest range of operational temperatures from −40 to +120.

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