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Development and fabrication of products from hi-tech materials with specified characteristics: metal matrix composites based on non-ferrous alloys. Developed and produced materials are used in power electronics, alternative energy, aircraft industry, car manufacturing and other industries.  The company has implemented a full production cycle of goods manufacturing: starting with raw material preparation and ending with precision machining.  Metal-Composite has its own automated plant for high-pressure die casting. The company works with a range of materials from simple non-ferrous alloys to complex alloys embedded with fibers and particles of Al2O3, B4C, SiC. 


  • AlSiC material and goods based on it for microwave devices, hermetic hybrid DC/DC converters, IGBT modules and other semiconductor devices.
  • Graphite based materials for effective heat transfer from elements of various electronic devices.
  • Functional neutron absorbing high thermally conductive MMC for the use in functional construction materials for distancing armature and grids, spent fuel pool, containers for spent nuclear fuel transportation and storage.
  • Materials for making fire and burglary resistant safes and doors
  • Ultralight structural material – Syntactic Aluminum Foam. This material has record characteristics of impact absorption
  • Ceramic armor for vehicles and bullet-resistant vests.


  • Fabrication of composite materials and goods
  • Die Casting Manufacture