19 Oct 2020

On 19-21 October Skolkovo hosts Moscow International Online Forum of Innovative Development - Open Innovations 2020. 

The Moscow government co-organizes the Forum together with the RUSNANO’s Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, SKOLKOVO Foundation, Russian Venture Company, Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises, and VEB Ventures.

The traditional Startup Expo project exhibition is also held online as part of the Forum. This year, the investment network of nanocenters of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs represents 48 technology startups from different areas: microelectronics, medical equipment, genomics, robotics, lighting, sports medicine, flexible electronics, and photovoltaics.

Ulyanovsk nanocenter startups are among them:

Thinika presents a solid-state thin-film hybrid electrochemical current source. The prototype has a small size (micron level), a large number of charge cycles, is able to charge quickly and can be used as an energy harvester. Specific energy density of the device is several times higher than that of conventional capacitors.

HeatLab presents a portable energy source with a chemical hydrogen generator.The prototype of the product has a 2.5 times greater specific energy supply compared to Li-ion sources. Benefits of the device - safe use, no noise, ease of refueling, great energy intensity.

Resostent presents a biodegradable self-expanding platform for treatment of blood vessels. The prototype has the same physical and mechanical properties as its metal analogues; however, it dissolves in the body within 12 months.

TestGene presents molecular genetic tests for cancer and prenatal diagnosis, detection of infections. The novel test system for COVID-19 detection is adapted for robotic systems in laboratories. It enables real time testing of one biomaterial sample within two minutes with at least 96% accuracy. The high sensitivity of the test platform detects the disease at an early stage. 


Open Innovations International Forum has been held in Moscow since 2012.

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