Altren, LLC and Far East Investment and Export Agency Sign a Cooperation Agreement to Implement RES Projects

19 Feb 2020

Altren, LLC from Ulyanovsk nanocenter ULNANOTECH jointly with its partners plans to implement projects for construction of autonomous RES based hybrid energy systems in the Far East.  Altren signed the corresponding agreement of intent with Far East Investment and Export Agency on February 19th 2020 at Wind Energy RAWI FORUM 2020.

According to experts, about 20 million residents in Russia live in off-grid areas, which comprise around 70% of the country’s territory. The remote and hard-to-reach places are not connected to the unified energy system consequently the energy supply to these areas is organized locally.  The energy is generated by local generation plants using the fuel delivered to the Northern Territories via Severny Zavoz program. The main type of fuel is diesel. The energy supply to these remote areas costs the state around 150 billion rubles.

Altren develops projects for construction of autonomous RES based hybrid energy systems, which decrease diesel energy generation by 40-70% in isolated areas. Such hybrid systems combine solar panels, wind turbines, diesel generators, energy storage systems and control systems. Autonomous hybrid energy systems allow users to make savings due to decreasing diesel fuel consumption and reduction of transport costs. 

The agreement was signed by Altren’s Deputy CEO Dmitry Stepanov and Deputy General Director of the Far East Investment and Export Agency Jan Golovanov.

Dmitry Stepanov: “RES advancement in the remote Russian areas is one of key directions of RES development that does not require state direct subsidies. Due to high cost of diesel energy, use of RES for electricity generation is economically feasible. However, RES application is impossible without support of both regional governments and development institutions, whose activities are aimed at assisting innovative projects, in particular, if they have not only a commercial component but also fulfil social functions. RES development in isolated and remote areas will improve quality of life in localities where electricity is supplied only during few hours a day. By signing this agreement, we believe that together with the Agency we will be able to not only increase the investment attractiveness of the Far East but also improve the quality standards of our citizens, lower cross-subsidization, and decrease our ecological footprint to enhance climate and environment in the unique for Russia and the globe territory.”

“Our Agency is ready to support entrepreneurial initiative to launch new RES projects in the Far East and Arctic. This is an important area of our work. Motivation of the projects in this area finds support at the government level. For instance, in August 2019 the Russian Federation government approved a program for modification of inefficient diesel (fuel oil, coal) generation in isolated and remote areas. The goal of the program is to attract investments to implement innovation based  stand-alone distributed power generation projects with application of renewable energy sources,”- remarked Jan Golovanov, Deputy General Director of the Far East Investment and Export Agency.

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has repeatedly stressed the necessity to develop alternative energy in the Far East. “It is, of course, separate long-term challenge to develop renewable energy sources especially in remote hard-to-reach areas of our country, such as Eastern Siberia and the Far East.For our vast country, the largest in the world in terms of territory, with its diverse natural and climatic conditions, it is a really huge opportunity”,the head of state noted during his speech at the Russian Energy Week International Forum in October 2018.

It should be added that the Wind Energy Forum RAWIFORUM 2020 is held in Moscow on 19 – 20 February 2020. Its organizer is Russian Association of Wind Power Industry (RAWI) with support of Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Ulyanovsk nanocenter ULNANOTECH, and Russian and German Chamber of Commerce. The forum participants represent all segments of the RES market: equipment manufacturers, component suppliers, design organizations, operating companies and companies providing maintenance services, energy supply and grid companies, logistics, design, financial, investment, and consulting companies.

About Far East Investment and Export Agency

Autonomous Nonprofit Organization Far East Investment and Export Agency (Moscow) is one of the Far East development institutions. The Agency focuses on attracting new investors in the Far Eastern Federal District and providing assistance in the implementation of investment projects.

About Altren

Altren, LLC (Ulyanovsk) is a project company and resident of Ulyanovsk nanocenter ULNANOTECH. Altren was established in 2015. The main area of focus of the company is wind energy. Altren is engaged in the integration of a project to create a cluster for alternative energy and energy-saving technologies in the Ulyanovsk region, with the introduction of the world's best achievements in this field of energy.

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