Ulyanovsk Nanocenter Startup Implements the Smart Dumbbells Idea

25 Dec 2020

RuGadget has developed electronics inside and software for smart dumbbells of Wellbell sports startup. Start of industrial production of dumbbells is expected in 2021.

Smart dumbbells can measure pulse, they have integrated sensors for movement and effort (counting of push-ups), which through the application or via signal inform the user about errors in performing exercises. The device collects the statics about the training sessions that can be displayed on TV, tablet or smartphone and helps to repeat a series of exercises after the trainer. The developers think that such dumbbells can be a full-fledged replacement for cardio equipment. Using the dumbbells you can do not only do strength training but also aerobics, stretches, yoga.  The integrated batteries are charged once a month. For greater safety, this set of dumbbells is rubber-coated.

All the data collected by smart dumbbells are transmitted to the unified on-line platform. This allows users to compete with each other even remotely, which brings a game element to the training. The trainer gets the opportunity to continuously and remotely monitor the training of his clients, give them personal recommendations, and make individual work plans. The platform enables you to monetize your business through a subscription. The advantages of this model were particularly evident during lockdowns due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The authors of the smart dumbbell idea and the founders of the Moscow company Wellbell Vyacheslav Ermilov, Denis Kozub and Lev Levin initially asked a South Korean company to develop a prototype. However, they wanted several thousand dollars as a payment for their work then the choice was made for RuGadget from ULNANOTECH, which had already had an experience in the development of IoT devices including the use of Bluetooth technology. With the joint participation of representatives of the two companies, the initial technical specification for the product was significantly improved.

According to the statistics of online retailers, dumbbells weighing up to 2 kg are in the top 3 in sales of home sports equipment in Russia. Wellbell immediately began patenting smart dumbbells. The patent for an industrial design has already been obtained, and a patent for an invention is waiting for a decision in the near future. Now entrepreneurs are considering the possibility of digitalizing skipping ropes, Nordic walking poles and horizontal bars.


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