23 Apr 2018 The prototype of autonomous flexible ultra-low power system Silent Energy combining possibilities for energy microgeneration, energy storage and power management was presented at the beginning of April at the IDTechEx Show! in Berlin. The developed module came about through a collaboration between Comberry LLC of Russia established by the nanocenters of Ulyanovsk (ULNANOTECH), Republic of Mordovia and Dubna and Silent Sensors Ltd of England.

At IDTechEX Show! the Silent Energy team demonstrated the possibilities of the module* to “capture” energy produced by triboelectric, piezoelectric and vibration-powered microgenerators, store it and utilize for operation of sensors, transmitters  and other micro devices. 

The ability of the module to work at high temperature gives the opportunity to extend substantially the spheres of its application. After a series of trials, the team is confident that Silent Energy with sensors can be integrated into tyres. It will provide the continuous monitoring of such parameters as pressure, wear, distance run, temperature, etc. The engineers believe that the technology flexibility will enable adapting micro harvesters to meet a client's specific performance requirements.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to be working with Silent Sensors and look forward to continued development with our partners,” says Dr. Liubov Ebralidze, CEO of Comberry. “At Comberry, we believe our collaboration with Silent Sensors will help advance our mutual goals of developing world class Ultralow Power Solutions across a broad range of industrial applications. We are sure that Silent Energy will become an enabler of smart flexible materials.” 

Comberry and Silent Sensors met for the first time in 2017 at the IDTechEx Show! in Berlin. Silent Sensors CEO Marcus Taylor said, "Since meeting Comberry last year in Berlin we have been working closely together to address the needs of high temperature applications for the rubber, polymer and elastomer sectors. Our multi-disciplinary team approach is paying dividends."

The IDTechEx Show presents the latest emerging technologies at one event, with nine concurrent technologies and a single exhibition covering 3D Printing, Electric Vehicles, Energy Harvesting, Energy Storage, Graphene, Internet of Things, Off Grid Energy Independence, Printed Electronics, Sensors and Wearable Technology.

About Silent Sensors, Ltd.

Silent Sensors is an innovative provider of smart electronics for rubber, polymer and elastomer based materials. The company designs, manufactures and supplies products and services incorporating RFID tags, sensors, energy harvesting and data delivery through the Cloud to in-field Apps.

Silent Sensors has operations in England, France, Italy, the Netherlands and the USA.

About Comberry, LLC.

Comberry, LLC is a research company established in 2013 in collaboration with Intermolecular, Inc. of California and is based in the Ulyanovsk Nanotechnology Center "Ulnanotech" in Ulyanovsk, Russia.

Comberry does R&D in the field of multifunctional thin film materials, solid state electrolytes and devices for performance tailored ultra-low power sources such as supercapacitors, pseudo-capacitors, hybrid capacitors and batteries.

The nanocenters of Ulyanovsk, Republic of Mordovia and Dubna were established by the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs (RUSNANO).

The demonstrator module is an intermediate result of venture R&D that features high risks in the part of the developed technology solution.   

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