Ulyanovsk Nanocenter ULNANOTECH has joined Russian Association Wind Power Industry

7 Mar 2017 The Russian Association for Wind Power Industry (RAWI) is an independent noncommercial organization developing the market in national interests, and to the benefit of its members and partners. RAWI was firstly registered in 2004.

Currently RAWI members include leading global wind turbine manufacturers, the largest Russian industrial and energy-machine building enterprises, engineering and construction companies, scientific and research institutions, and diplomatic organizations.   

The key role of the Partnership is in joint development of the Russian wind market and development of the Nanocenter’s competence in the field of manufacturing of the equipment, assemblies and components for wind turbines. The aim of the Association is to provide substantial hands-on assistance and support to the RAWI members with their entry into the market, development of production facilities and wind farms, obtaining orders for wind turbine components production and for construction.

RAWI has the most reliable information on market events, planned projects in wind turbine manufacturing, and wind farms construction. RAWI interacts directly with decision-making managers from larger market players and as a result has a beneficial effect on decision-making process. 

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