Test-systems for molecular-genetic research are being developed by the Ulyanovsk NanoCenter, jointly with TestGen.

18 Feb 2014 15% of pregnant women may potentially encounter rhesus incompatibility (250,000 women each year in Russia). 50% of them undergo expensive and absolutely unnecessary immune preventive therapy during pregnancy. 

TEST-RHD, invented by TestGen, is currently being developed jointly with the Ulyanovsk NanoCenter. Testing reduces the risk for the mother as well as for her baby, increases the birth rate and reduces perinatal mortality and disability. This diagnostics system makes it possible to determine the Rh rhesus of the fetus on the 10th week of pregnancy and if incompatibility is not detected, no preventive therapy is required.The low cost diagnostics system TEST- RHD is adaptable to any PCR laboratory, and it does not require additional equipment and delivers test results in the shortest period of time! The test uses fetal DNA from the maternal venous blood.
The integration of this test system into standard medical care will lead to cost savings (approximately 1 billion rubles a year) due to targeted prevention of rhesus incompatibility.
TEST- RHD is a breakthrough genetics diagnostic system of the new generation!

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