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Status: launched

Custom electronics design and development


  • Smart Home

  • Vending machine for printing on souvenir coins, enabling for own graphics

  • Fiscal data recorder

  • POS terminal with 10” screen for a seller and optional promo-screen for a customer

  • Wearable device for temperature measurement and transmitting of the data to a smartphone

  • Pipeline of racks for illuminating laboratory micro plates of various volume

  • Laboratory automated station for separation and purification of biopolymers (DNA/RNA)


  • Prototype of the device for improvement of motor skills and sense of touch of patients with neurological conditions

  • Embedded electronics for safes with increased level of protection

  • Electronics for briefcases with a biometric lock and current location tracker

  • Inertial sensor for accurate measurement of sled velocity and initial sled acceleration at the starting point

  • A set of smart dumbbells with possibilities to measure your fitness level

  • Bicycle tracker - an anti-theft device for bicycles

  • Mobile apps