Ulnanotech and Comberry will participate in creation of industrial electrochromic glass

23 Aug 2021

Ulyanovsk nanocenter ULNANOTECH together with its subsidiary company Comberry and a major Russian manufacturer of translucent structures PHOTOTECH signs an agreement to create pilot production of electrochromic glass

Under the agreement it is anticipated to implement a joint investment project to create pilot production of electrochromic glass based on PHOTOTECH’s production facilities using the low-cost electrochromic glass production technology TUNOX developed by Comberry.

TUNOX electrochromic materials have an extended color range — shades of blue, gray, black, etc. The use of unique patented technologies in the TUNOX materials system solves many difficulties in the production and operation of electrochromic glass: the technical and consumer characteristics of darkened glass are significantly improved; manufacturing becomes more flexible and cheaper.

The project implementation period is 3 years. The total investment volume is about 300 million rubles.

«Comberry have received a sustainable technology for the production of electrochromic glass for architectural applications and now we are working on the electrochromic glass for automotive industry. Our development is a laboratory technology, but it meets all characteristics presented by the world’s largest glass manufacturers to such a technology. In order to increase the technology maturity stage and release the product to the world market, the next reasonable stage for us is the transition to the creation of pilot production.  Today, less than 10 companies in the world have such a product.  We claim to become one of such companies. To do this, we are going into partnership with one of the largest players in the Russian glass market – the PHOTOTECH company. In such cooperation, we have a unique opportunity to quickly achieve a result and release the product to the world market. PHOTOTECH is a professional team that has the equipment and experience necessary to create electrochromic glass production», said Andrey Redkin, CEO of Comberry.

Ivan Filonenko, Development Director of PHOTOTECH has stated that for the company this is a serious and crucial point towards creating an easy producible and scalable product. “Such a project will require all the knowledge and experience of our team, we are ready for this and believe in success. The business model of the project will allow us to develop rapidly in the international market in a niche where we will be exceptionally competitive. At the same time, export is one of the important strategic priorities of our group of companies today.”

PHOTOTECH (Moscow) is a high-volume domestic enterprise that for more than 30 years has been specializing in the design, manufacture and installation of fire-protective translucent structures with unique protective, decorative and special properties. PHOTOTECH is able to manufacture a product at competitive price and quality at the level of world leading manufacturers.

Comberry (Ulyanovsk) is a technology platform, established in 2013 by the nanocenters of Ulyanovsk, Republic of Mordovia and Dubna. Comberry holds a portfolio of unique scientific developments in the field of multifunctional thin-film coatings.Member of Skolkovo since 2015.


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