ULNANOTECH NanoCenter Launches a Smart Coatings Development Laboratory

4 Dec 2014 ULNANOTECH NanoCenter and American Intermolecular, Inc. launched a combinatorial research platform, Comberry, to perform applied research in the field of thin-film coatings (smart glass, PV, power electronics and displays).

Combinatorial technology accelerates research cycles and increases their efficiency, which in turn contributes to rapid implementation of innovative solutions for mass production. The platform has the ability to apply nanoscale thin-films using various application methods as well as to scale lab results to production. Alexaner Smekalin – First Deputy Chairman of the Ulyanosvk Regional Government, Oleg Fomichev – Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation,  CEO  of ULNANOTECH NanoCenter Andrey Redkin and CEO of Comberry  Lubov Ebralidze.


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The new laboratory was built within a year of breaking ground.  In September 2013, agreements were signed in California between Ulyanovsk NanoCenter and Intermolecular, Inc. (IMI) to purchase a combinatorial research platform and start a joint research program  . В. In October 2013, three NanoCenters of the RUSNANO network (Ulyanovsk Center for Technology Transfer, NanoCenter “Dubna”, and Center for NanoTechnology and Nanomaterials of the Republic of Mordovia) jointly with the American Intermolecular, Inc. (IMI) founded the technology company Comberry. On December 4, 2014 the platform unparalleled in Russia, CIS and Europe was launched.; Currently, the company employs 11 highly qualified team members from various regions of Russia, France and South Africa, several of whom received an extended training at IMI in California.

The platform is located in one of NanoCenter’s laboratories that conforms to ISO class 7 cleanroom standards, occupies an area of 90 square meters and consists of the following modules:

· Tempus® AP-30 Vacuum cluster module;

· Tempus® P-30 Combined PVD chambers;

· Tempus® F-20 Combined liquid-processing unit;

· Tempus® S-80 Control, processing and data collection server.

Comberry helps clients save resources in the early stages of research by leveraging the capabilities of a combinatorial research platform that provides access to world class technologies:

- accelerates scientific research cycles tenfold (hundreds of experiments can be conducted simultaneously);

- creates large numbers of intellectual property objects while reducing the time it takes to bring a new product to market.

Upon the laboratories’s launch, representatives from IMI and IDTechEx participated in the workshop “Research and Development in the Field of New Thin-Film Devices. Strategic Prospects”. The workshop gathered representatives from leading industrial enterprises and scientific research institutes of Russia. IDTechEx is a world leading provider of independent research and analysis in the field of development and application of Smart-technologies. The company provides independent assessment and analysis in the fields of marketing, technology and business.

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*Intermolecular, Inc. is a research company founded in 2004 in California. One of the company’s areas of expertise is the creation of a combinatorial (HPC™) platform that accelerates scientific research and implementation of innovations, and substantially reduces the time to bring a product to market in the semiconductor and clean energy fields. The approach is based on the combination of the proprietary, high-performance combinatorial (HPC™) platform and the company’s inter-disciplinary team of experts. Within the scope of collaborative development programs (CDPs) with its customers, Intermolecular, Inc. develops proprietary technologies focused on advanced materials and processes.


Comberry clear room

Vacuum cluster module Tempus® AP-30

Elena Kolesnikova ,Chemical Engineer

Vladimir Chugunov , Equipment Maintenance Engineer

Konstantin Krilov, Manufacturing Engineer

CEO of Nanocenter Andrey Redkin

Signing of an agreement.

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