Development of innovative infrastructures in nanotechnology

ULNANOTECH was established under the RUSNANO nanotechnology facilities program in 2013.

Nanocenter’s primary goal is to provide favorable conditions for the creation and successful development of technology startups.

Residents are provided with a full range of services including lease of unique equipment, scientific and technical evaluation of projects, attraction of financing as well as development of a business plan and strategy.

The nanocenter develops various directions in technology, the selection of which depends on the available scientific competences, its partners’ resources and market demand.

Residents of the nanocenter have access to the RUSNANO network, which is crucial for inter-industrial project success.


The Nanocenter was able to attract a significant pool of technical experts and businesspersons who work jointly on implementing projects.

We create technology startups to develop competence centers in different branches of industry and create new technologies. Currently eight technology companies are either operational or in an organizational stage.

Research and development of new construction materials

Platform for scientific research in the field of thin-film coatings

Competence Center for Renewable and Alternative Energy

Development of electronic devices

Development and production of kits for molecular and genetic testing

Other projects


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